The Reiki Experience


Pronounced "RAY-key",  this spiritual healing art with Japanese roots, connects you to life force energy through the hands of the practitioner and provides energetic support for mind, body, and spirit.  Most of us live in a chronic low-grade stress response and as a result, may suffer from anxiety, trouble sleeping, attention deficit challenges - conditions that can manifest in many different ways in adults and children alike.

Reiki helps the body remember what it feels like to be in its natural state (parasympathetic dominance).  By helping relax the body and the central nervous system, Reiki helps create the optimal environment for healing, which only happens in a relaxed or non-stressed state.  Pain on any level (mental, physical, emotional) creates stress and is Divine intelligence inviting you to take a deeper look at the cause.  Reiki is a great natural remedy for pain management because it alleviates the stress response in the body naturally.  Additionally, long-term benefits are often reported through regular Reiki treatments because they support your energy system with more of what it recognizes as "natural" or like "itself".  Sometimes a simple shift in your energy is all that is needed to facilitate change and healing.

Reiki is a safe and holistic complement to any wellness or self-care regimen as it fosters relaxation and stress reduction,  creating the opportunity to be in a more balanced relationship with your health and well-being.   Reiki is great too for pregnant moms who need a little TLC for themselves and their unborn babes, children of all ages, and pets too! 

 Some benefits of a Reiki session are:

  • is safe for all ages

  • assists the body's own natural healing response

  • promotes deep relaxation

  • helps alleviate/quiet anxiety and stress

  • is a holistic and complementary approach to traditional wellness regimens

  • provides peace and comfort

  • supports systemic balance mentally, emotionally and physically

  • increases energy

  • helps to decrease and relieve pain

  • releases fear and worry

  • helps you to sleep better 

  • feel more empowered

  • supports the immune system

  • assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins

  • compliments medical treatment

  • promotes clear thinking

I believe that regardless of your personal religious beliefs, God allows us all to give and receive Reiki for our highest good and the highest good of all. 

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