Reiki Level 1 for Kids

Ages 5-10


“Kids need Reiki, especially in our society today to help them balance the intense energies around them and to learn to trust their own feelings and instincts.” - Heather Robinson

Children are so open to new experiences and more apt to believe in things they cannot see. They are more connected to the Divine and can really excel at Reiki. Reiki has all the same benefits for children that it does for adults. Reiki can help them learn to soothe and relax themselves and care for their own physical and emotional well-being. This Reiki for children class supports balance and health:

No Experience Necessary, just a willingness to explore and have fun!

Your child will learn:

  • Reiki teaches children to be more confident, peaceful and happier in life.

  • Reiki eases children through the stresses of life’s situations. They learn to trust their abilities and intuition.

  • Reiki guides children to their highest potential.

  • After taking this class your child will be able to practice Reiki on him/herself, give Reiki sessions to others including pets, and effectively treat long-standing conditions, as well as injuries requiring immediate aid.

Reiki is renowned for its calming and relaxing effect, and can be perfect for children struggling with tantrums and mood swings. The energy provided during the Reiki treatment can be used by the body to help ease the cause of the tantrums, such as an imbalance of hormones or stress. It is also beneficial for children with ADD or ADHD and can help minimize hyperactivity and excitability. Due to its calming effect, it can also be a great way to help children who struggle with sleeping.

For children finding it difficult at school, Reiki can be used to clear the mind and opening it up to new possibilities. Reiki healing will improve the child’s concentration and productivity, helping them with their schoolwork and exams. It can also be beneficial for children choosing their secondary school or GCSE subjects, as Reiki can focus the mind and helps them realize their potential.

Reiki can be perfect for children who are suffering with anxiety and a lack of confidence. Reiki has the ability to rebalance the body and its emotions. It can help pacify any negative thoughts and emotions, such as low self-esteem, anger and fear. Many adults struggle to deal with these emotions and often ignore their problems. Helping children cope with these negative thoughts at a young age can reduce the chances of depression and anxiety in adulthood, and improve their way of life when they are older.

Other benefits of Reiki for children are:

  • Helps reduce pain from cuts and bruises

  • Increases energy and stamina

  • Enhances self-awareness

  • Reduces irrational fears

  • Promotes creativity

  • Helps them trust their "gut" or intuition

  • Teaches child to calm themselves


Can you teach Reiki to kids? Is it safe for them to use it on their own? Yes! Reiki is such a great tool to bring into a child’s life. It promotes healing, love, compassion, confidence, and empowers them to solve issues in a loving way. 


Is it safe to teach Reiki to kids?

Yes! I believe that it can be helpful to any child and if you can help them to learn Reiki before puberty, it helps them to be even more grounded and self assured. I recommend first teaching them how to use it on themselves, then once they feel confident in what that feels like I encourage them to use it on others. Children will often adapt to Reiki more easily than adults. They are usually more open to new things and do not hold as many fears or self limiting beliefs. 

Learning Reiki can be a very empowering tool like Reiki that they can use to help themselves and others with. If they have pets at home they can also use Animal Reiki just as adults do. With Reiki the practitioner is just the vessel so things such as age and appearance do not hinder how well it works. You must be sure to stress however that it is a healing tool and is only used for the greatest good of all.

What are some things I can do to get my child interested in Reiki?

Children are naturally curious and if they see you using Reiki in your everyday life they will be open about it and want to learn about it too. Show them how you apply Reiki to your water, food, plants, and any situation you are having trouble with. Invite them to watch a Reiki session. Show them how to perform Animal Reiki. Teach them how it can be used for anything they want to help. Kids need Reiki, especially in our society today to help them balance the intense energies around them and to learn to trust their own feelings and instincts. 


What will they learn in Reiki class?

Kids  will learn the same thing that adults learn about Reiki in a simplified context. Kids will learn about chakras and how to protect their energy. They will understand how to sense when their own chakras or energy are out of balance and how to raise their energy with Reiki. They will also learn how to perform Reiki on themselves, on their surroundings, and how to do a Reiki treatment on someone else or on a pet.

This class is interactive and FUN! It will include movement and color and, weather permitting, some time spent outside in the sunshine.

Great! What else is required for my child to take the Reiki Kids class?

In order for your child to participate in my Reiki Kids class I require that at least one caregiver in their life be trained in Reiki Level 1. It's important that an adult and their life be trained in Reiki Level 1 so that they can continue to practice with the child in daily life. It is an amazing and bonding experience for the adult and the child to share Reiki, healing abilities, and to be able to have honest discussions about feelings and energy intuition and how to trust their gut and their surroundings.

Reiki Level 1 for Kids

Ages 5-10


1:00 - 4:00PM

Kids with Capes