Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that

isn't you – all of the expectations,

all of the beliefs – and




 -Rachel Naomi Remen

Heather Robinson


Heather Robinson brings to her healing arts services compassion, intuition and a focus on supporting others to help them remove their emotional and physical blocks while guiding them to explore their soul's highest potential. It's my honor to share my spiritual gifts in service to others to promote their emotional, physical and spiritual balance. I am committed to my own personal growth and living my best life and hope to inspire others to do the same."


Heather provides a safe, nurturing and confidential environment for her clients. She says, "While I am a Christian and practice prayer throughout a Reiki session, I am unbiased as to others' spiritual beliefs and am open to connecting them to their higher self and spiritual guidance regardless of religion or belief."


Heather is particularly gifted in working with children, teens, and inner child work. She says "If we can understand at what age the emotional blocks occurred in our lives, we can proactively heal our physical bodies to eliminate present and future dis-ease." Heather is most excited to offer specialized Reiki training for parents and children together. 

Hear Heather's interview about her new book "Take Back Your Light" on Psychic Teachers podcast. 




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