Snowed in NC

Bynum Bridge, Bynum NC during a weird December snow storm.

I am loving this unexpected December snow storm! You see, it's very unusual for us to get major snow in December in North Carolina. I have been running hard at life for about eighteen months. Okay, who am I kidding. I have been running hard at life for exactly twelve years! Christmas is coming. Year end billing and tax prep is pressing on me. Deadlines looming, and oh, my daughter's wedding is in nineteen days! As this storm approached, everything in my body screamed "Slow your roll! Look around. Listen. Pause. Breathe!"

I am driven by a daily to-do list. I can't help it. It keeps me sane. Amid my long list of to-dos as the clock ticks away at the last bits of 2018, I have chosen to silence by over achiever inner voice and take time to enjoy the forced pause this storm brings. As I choose to watch the snow and paint at my kitchen table, crochet for a little while and watch another episode of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" I remind myself it’s not a race to the finish of 2018. It’s just another weekend. Another week. Another month. Another page turned on the calendar. I am so grateful for this unplanned pause. #diego #bynum #snowstorm2018 #pause #chathamcounty #breathe #hawriver

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