How do I know if coaching is right for me?

We want to make sure we are a good fit for working together. Schedule your FREE half-hour coaching session today. This no-cost, no-commitment session is an opportunity for you to meet with me to ask any questions and discuss your needs and goals. Life coaching services are tailored to your specific needs, goals, and budget.

  • Meet Heather

  • Get information on coaching packages

  • Define your challenges and obstacles

  • Discover how coaching can support you

  • Determine if we are a good fit and decide how we can guide you on your path. 


How is Coaching different from therapy?

Therapy (also known as psychotherapy, counseling, or “talk therapy”) is similar to coaching in some ways. Both use evidence-based techniques and intentional dialogue as the primary tools for growth and discovery, but there are also key differences between these services: Coaching focuses primarily on the present and future, while therapy focuses on the past, present, and future. Coaching is focused on personal growth and professional development, while therapy is designed to help you work through deeper issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma.


Will my insurance, HSA / FSA cover this?

Currently, no. Heather Robinson’s coaching is not covered by HSA/FSA. However, it may be covered through an employer benefits program such as tuition reimbursement or education stipend.


How will I know coaching was successful for me?

When you feel like you are functioning well overall, you’ve overcome the challenges outlined in our goal-setting sessions, and you have developed a greater sense of drive, improved your ability to bounce back from setbacks, feel more satisfied with your life, or improved your relationships.


What happens if I miss a session?

I suggest that you aim to cancel a session at least 24 hours in advance so a new session may be scheduled. Sessions cannot be made up or moved to future months if one is missed or you do not complete all offered sessions in the month.


PLEASE NOTE: None of the above services are intended as a substitute for a crisis line or emergency services. In the event of a medical or mental health emergency, you may be referred to appropriate local emergency services. 

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