Individual Coaching Investments

I typically work with three types of clients: 

  • those who have a goal in mind like a career change or a dream of self-publishing and need an accountability partner to focus them on the goal for impactful, short-term (or long term) progress

  • those who feel stuck in a life they know they need to change - a dysfunctional relationship, patterns of abuse, depression, narcissistic recovery - and need support to break generational patterns, make a plan, and overcome life challenges,

  • and others on the cusp of a spiritual awakening who feel stuck in daily life but are seeking spiritual mentorship in higher consciousness thinking so they can align their budding gifts and beliefs with their 3D life and be happy!


As your coach I am here to help you clear your mental clutter, resolve the emotional roadblocks and guide you to get to the next level. I’m driven to take the results of my vast life experiences and use them to guide others to create the life they desire and deserve.

TRANSFORM - 6 Months Private Coaching Investment

  • 1 - 90 Minute Discovery Session

  • 11 - 60 Min Sessions (up to 2 per month)

  • Customized Homework

  • Email support

$3,333 One-time payment

Or $575 / month for 6 months

Must be completed within 7 months

EVOLVE: 3 Months – Private Coaching Investment

  • 6 - 60 Min Sessions (2 per month)

  • Customized Homework

  • Email support

$1,777 One time payment

Or $625 / month for 3 months

Must be completed within 4 months

FOCUS: 1 Month – Private Coaching Investment

Are you searching for clarity and direction? Let’s get you unstuck! This package is designed for someone who needs an extra boost to get focused again. These sessions guide you through the steps to clear away the mental clutter, to make a plan so you can work a plan. Have you ever said “I just can’t get out of my own way”? This package gives you the support, tools, and resources to lead you to unpack the mental clutter that stops you from taking action. I am your accountability partner to make changes happen.  

  • 4 - 60 Min Weekly Sessions

  • 4 - Weekly Check-Ins

  • Email support

$860 one time payment

Must be completed within 6 weeks

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Group coaching works similarly to one-on-one coaching in the options above, just in a group setting. You will meet on a regular basis with Heather alongside a group of peers. Each session has a topic or theme to a common barrier individuals frequently encounter.  All activities, questions, and discussions fit within the session’s theme.


The number of participants in each meeting can fluctuate over time. In example, you might be the only client in a session, or you may be one of ten. When possible, the make-up of each group and the theme for each session are chosen based on the needs and goals of the people in the group.


Pricing and rates for group coaching are determined by the content of the group sessions. Some group coaching sessions will be geared towards emotional or spiritual support, while others will be geared towards business development, specific tasks and goals, or  themes of spiritual awakening and life purpose guidance. 


Small Group Coaching coming May 2022