Reiki Holy Fire® III Upgrade Class for Usui Reiki 1 Students

Cost: $150


This 2.5 hour course is meant for those who have previously taken Reiki 1 under the

Usui Reiki methods. This class will upgrade students who have previously received

Usui Reiki I to the Holy Fire® III Reiki energy so they can then advance their Reiki skills

by taking Reiki II Holy Fire® III class.



  • Submit a copy of your Reiki I certificate and contact info of Reiki Master to verify your certification in Usui Reiki Level 1.

  • During the “live” on Zoom session, students must have 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to immerse in the Reiki Experience without distractions from family, pets, work.


You Receive - Self Guided Recorded Course:

  • 1 Hour (60 Minutes): This portion of the course is available by self-guided recording on Students will watch the recorded videos covering the following topics:

New topics covered in this course:

  • How Usui Reiki is different than Holy Fire® Reiki

  • Review the history of Holy Fire® Reiki.

  • Review the philosophy and the important ideas of Holy Fire® Reiki.

  • Briefly review the history of Usui Reiki focusing on how it was Usui Sensei’s teaching that the most important activity for a Reiki practitioner is to continually seek to develop one’s ability to channel ever higher frequencies of Reiki energy.

  • Explain Placements and how they replace the attunements for Reiki I&II

  • Explain the Upgrade Experience and Upgrade Ignition and how it will upgrade one’s Usui Reiki energy to Holy Fire® III.


BONUS MATERIAL! Online Reiki I Refresher Course! $250 Value!

  • 3 Hours self-guided recorded Usui Reiki Refresher online course! Review the material from your Usui Reiki I class at your leisure, from the comfort of your own home! All the content of a full Usui Reiki 1 class condensed in easy to consume recorded segments so you can enjoy.

  • INCLUDES: Reiki I Refresher Workbook (Reiki, History, hand positions, chakra info, & more!)


You'll Also receive - A LIVE Class on Zoom!

  • 1.5 Hours (90 minutes): This portion of the class will only be conducted “live” via Zoom. Heather Robinson will lead students through the

    • 1) Holy Fire III Upgrade Experience and

    • 2) the Holy Fire® Upgrade Ignition. Zoom sessions may include one student or multiple students.

  • Students will have the opportunity to share among their group about their experiences.

  • Heather Robinson will schedule this Zoom session with you upon receipt of registration and payment for the Upgrade Course.

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