Essential Oil Classes


If you are interested in hosting an essential oil class at your home or office, contact me to schedule.


Medicine Cabinet Makeover: an Intro to Essential Oils

During this 60-minute class, I will cover the basics of doTERRA® essentials oils, including how to choose a quality oil, how to use them safely, and which essential oils are part of my daily routine to support my body in general health, minor ailments, skin care, cleaning, etc. Learn how nature’s medicine cabinet can EMPOWER you to take care of you and your family’s health.

Learn insights on how essential oils can:

  • Assist in first aid and pain relief for physical ailments and injuries

  • Provide support in cases of chronic or acute medical conditions

  • Boost your immune system

  • Help with emotions, mood management and focus

  • Clean the air in your environment (work, school, home)


Come join me for this educational class & bring a friend!

Balance: Achieving Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils

Every season of our life brings emotional ups and downs. When we experience a downside, it can often be hard to get out of without using medications. Sometimes, our daily life is stressful and we become off balanced. Join me as I explain how essential oils work to help support emotional balance and how to use them daily in your family life to keep everyone you love emotionally healthy.


Come join me for this educational class & bring a friend!

Pregnancy, Birth, Babies & Beyond
Essential Oils for the Whole 9 Months & more

While most pharmaceutical drugs cannot be taken while pregnant, many essential oils are very effective for most ailments and are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy.  This class will be a great aid for soon-to-be and new mothers for the full nine months they are pregnant and for the nine months after giving birth. 

Discover how doTERRA® oils can assist with:

  • Hormone Balance

  • Discomforts of Pregnancy

  • Nursing

  • Baby and Toddler health concerns


Come join me for this educational class & bring a friend!