Healing Arts Classes


Get Unstuck! Decode your chakra cycles to acheive the life you desire!

Do you feel stuck? Have you set the same goals dozens of times only to meet the same lack luster results? Do you see the same patterns repeating in your life? Are you ready to unpack your chakras and take a step forward into uncovering WHY you keep feeling stuck?

Then join me for this eye opening class where you'll learn 

  • What are chakras?

  • Are yours in balance?

  • Find out how our lives flow through 7 year cycles during each chakra's development

  • ...and how to heal your chakras if they are blocked

  • unlock the key to getting you unstuck!

Bring a note pad and pen and an open mind for emotional self exploration. You're going to want to take some notes as we discuss the Seven Cycles of Your Chakras. This topic was a huge eye-opener for me and has helped to me determine area of my life that are blocked, physical dis-ease that manifests due to my blocked chakras and even shine some light on negative patterns in my family lineage. 


Recognizing Your Animal Energies and Totems


Has a certain animal crossed your path or caught your attention as you have moved through your typical day? Do you dream of a specific animal or see an image of that animal repeated in art, nature, media, etc? And "Hey! Why does that dragonfly keep dive bombing me?!" Perhaps your animal guides are trying to send you a message.

Across all ancient cultures  - ancient Eygptians, Norsemen, Native Americans, etc - people believed that all animals had lessons to teach us and had healing or inspirational power. Today, in a search for a closer walk with the earth, many are relearning the old ways of these ancient people, using the animal energy as our predecesors did to gaining a deeper understanding of the messages the animals bring us.

Heather Robinson will lead a group discussion on animal totems and help you discover your personal spirit animal. Join us to learn more about animal totems and guides and what messages these animals, insects, birds and reptiles in your sphere of influence may be trying to communicate to you.

Come join us for this educational class & bring a friend!

5 Ways to Clear Negative Energy from Your Home & Yourself

Join in on the discussion as Heather Robinson shares 6 telling signs it's time to clear your negative energy from your body and personal space and 5 of her favorite ways to do it. Does your office just feel "heavy"? Does your home or apartment feel gloomy? Or have you been going through a tough time and you can feel it in your home? Negative energy can linger anywhere. It can collect in your home, on clothes, furniture, people and begin to steal your personal vibrance. Come find out how to get your space back in balance and learn hands-on technical and tools for energy clearing.