It's Time to Stop Stopping Yourself

A life without love is like a year without summer. (6).png

Do you even realize how powerful you really are? I will work with you to help you identify the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I’ll teach you to understand crucial elements in your life that are preventing you from reaching your goals; and I will show you how to shift your mindset into motion and get “unstuck.” Together we will remove  your fears and negative patterns and arm you with resources and a personalized plan to take action towards your dreams. Are you ready to stop stopping yourself? Let me guide you toward the most powerful you possible.

As your life coach I am committed to providing you with transformational results. I deliver life-changing guidance to lead you towards your own, unique, purpose-driven life. I change people’s lives. I will help you navigate and implement tools in your life that will take those limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering ones.

UNLEASH the strengths that you never knew you had!

  • Discuss your current needs or challenges 

  • Determine if we are the right fit for each other

  • Select which of my coaching programs is right for you

How you talk to yourself?

Did you know that your body hears every thought you say and think? It's true! And I’m here to emphasize that every thought you think is NOT true! Can you relate to any of the following statements? If you said yes, then let’s get started today on a path together and commit to shifting your life.

A life without love is like a year without summer. (4).png


  • I don’t even know who I am anymore.

  • I wish I knew what my purpose in life was.

  • I keep working harder, but I’m not getting anywhere!

  • Why do I feel so stuck?

  • How do I release fear of the past and move forward?

  • Codependency sounds like such a nice word! Why is it so hard for me to release?

  • My life feels so all over the place!

  • I just need to get my sh*t together! I’m out of control!

  • Why can’t I just be brave and just do it?!

  • Help! I keep waiting for the perfect timing…and I know that I’m procrastinating from fear!

  • Why can’t I be more productive? I have to figure this out!!

  • If I can just get all this done, maybe one day I can relax.


  • I just don’t know what to post on Instagram!

  • I just can’t seem to find the right words to describe myself and my business.

  • Why is it so challenging to get myself to take action?

  • If I speak my mind, I’ll get the recognition I deserve…but I hope I don’t make anyone angry!

  • I’m just a hot mess and can’t focus on anything!

  • How can I get over this anxiety?

  • Ugh! I feel so uninspired!

  • Who is my ideal client? I don’t know! I don’t even know who I am! I feel like an imposter!

  • What’s she doing? Maybe I can do that too?

  • How can I figure all this out BEFORE I take action?

  • How can I hurry up and accomplish SOMETHING in life? I don’t have time to waste! 


  • Maybe if I am in a relationship I can figure out who I am?

  • Why do I have such a hard time setting boundaries?

  • Why do I keep attracting the same type of toxic people?

  • I am tired of being responsible for everyone else’s problems.

  • I’ll just keep my mouth shut; I hate confrontation and it doesn't matter anyway.

  • If I leave this marriage, everyone will see me as a complete failure.

  • What if they leave me?

  • What if I tell my truth and everyone hates me?

  • Everyone seems to think I can do this, so I guess I have to or else they’ll see me as not good enough.

  • Why does everyone see me as their personal punching bag?

  • I just don't want to d this anymore!

Life experiences that have prepared me for being
an incredible Life Coach


As your Life Coach, I am expertly experienced at taking action and getting unstuck. I know how to roll with the punches and how to make impassioned, strategic changes. I love taking my clients to the next level to reach their desired goals.

Prior to becoming a Certified Life Coach, I have lived a very diverse and exciting / sometimes traumatic life. I know how to pick myself up, start over, reinvent myself, and succeed! Here are a few fun facts you probably don’t know about my life experience:

  • Graduated with Honors from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC (1991)

  • Had an award-winning career in marketing, graphic design, events planning in the real estate industry.

  • I know hard work! I worked in the tobacco fields and barns in Clinton, NC

  • Raised and launched 2 amazing children and am now a grandmother!

  • Shifted my career several times to use my gifts and talents across several industries. 

  • Worked in Haiti for 3 years for a medical non-profit and led mission teams in-country.

  • Created business and fundraising connections to raise money to build a birthing center in Fondwa, Haiti.

  • My parents divorced when I was 4, I have been divorced twice. 

  • Score a 7 out of 10 on the ACES Quiz. Find out about the ACES Quiz here

  • Trained for 5 months to run a half marathon in May 1997. I had never run before! I ran it in the pouring rain in the morning, finished, took a quick shower, ate a grilled cheese sandwich, and then went to a job interview that afternoon!

  • Navigated the court systems during a tumultuous divorce, physical assault, criminal trial, and learned to co-parent my children through a restraining order. 

  • Self-employed since 2013...while some years juggling a W2 job and several 1099 jobs too!

  • I know how to navigate the divorce and criminal court system. It’s not fun. I was almost strangled to death by my ex, and had death threats on me and my children from someone else.

  • I am a certified a Reiki Master/ Teacher and my passion is sharing healing arts and my faith in God with everyone.

  • Wrote, designed, self-published, and promoted a book in 4 months (2020)

  • Successfully launched 2 podcasts in 2021.

  • Owned 8 homes across 3 states in 31 years and have relocated/ moved 21 times (not including dorm rooms).

  • Managed multi-million dollar marketing budgets and created outstanding business success for all my clients and employers. 

  • I am a Licensed Commercial and General Contractor.

  • Traveled to France and Italy to direct a photoshoot (2004)

  • Served as NC leader for in 2019 and grew the group from 220 followers to over 4,000 in 8 months. 

  • I love to teach and train others! I have taught Spin, Bosu, Water Aerobics, Wine and Design painting classes, art classes for kids, English as a second language, marketing and graphic design, branding, Reiki, essential oils, swim lessons, and Oh! I can’t even recall what else!